31 Jan

Americans are flocking to Portugal in record number

As a matter of fact, revenues generated from tourism in Portugal are reaching all-time highs.

Americans are currently enjoying a love affair with Portugal. Holidays to this beautiful country on the Iberian Peninsula are becoming popular with American tourists looking for a sun-filled European vacation that’s packed with amazing culture and great food. A total of 522,653 American travelers had already visited Portugal by October of 2017. That number was up significantly from previous years. In fact, a month-to-month comparison between October of 2016 and October of 2017 shows an increase of 44 percent in visitors in just one year. Why is Portugal such a popular spot for holidays as we go into 2018? It was only a matter of time before this coastline-filled country was discovered by enthusiastic travelers looking for the next hidden gem.

Why Portugal Is a Hot Spot for Tourism Right Now

Much of the buzz surrounding Portugal’s status as a hot tourism destination is owed to the appeal of its capital city. Lisbon is home to great museums, surreal maritime attractions and stunning architecture. Lisbon is a seaside city that is peppered with charming street markets, stunning palaces and hilltop castles. Visitors can enjoy everything from tours of cathedrals to pub crawls while exploring all that Lisbon has to offer. In addition, many tourists are using Lisbon as a starting point before enjoying excursions to religious sites like Fatima.

Foodies are also falling in love with Portugal. The country’s vibrant wine regions are now home to hip restaurants that attract visitors looking for scenic conditions and authentic culinary traditions. Tourists also head to Portugal because of the endless opportunities it offers for exploring nature through hiking, surfing, cycling and much more.

Things Are Looking Bright for Portugal

While Portugal has always attracted a healthy amount of tourism, it has suffered somewhat from being overshadowed by other European holiday destinations. It seems that those days may be long gone. Revenues generated from tourism in the country are reaching all-time highs. In addition, Portugal’s unemployment level is currently at a nine-year low. The bump in tourism activity comes at a time when other sectors of Portugal’s economy had been suffering slowdowns for many years.

2018 Is a Big Year for Tourism on the Iberian Peninsula

News of Portugal’s rise as a hot tourism destination comes just as it was revealed that Spain took second place when it came to popular global vacation spots in 2017. Spain was beaten only by France. There’s no doubt that the current popularity of Spain as a holiday spot is also helping to steer travelers toward all that nearby Portugal has to offer. It seems that the Iberian Peninsula offers the mix of authentic old-world European charm and hip vibes that travelers are looking for when planning vacations.

What is also helping to draw more tourists to this region is the availability of rooms and homes through platforms like Airbnb. Easy rentals are helping to open up countries like Portugal for tourists who are looking for authentic and immersive experiences when finding places to stay.

Source: GET.com