23 Nov

What to do in Lisbon in the fall season that you can’t miss.

Truth be told: Autumn has already arrived but the time has come to face reality, or the season: goodbye beach, hello city, goodbye heat, hello rain? If you are not yet ready to face what is coming, despite the fact that the days are already getting shorter and shorter, we give you some ideas to take advantage of the autumn to make everything easier. Who said autumn was boring? Decide now how you will make the most of the season.


1.Visit museums

The cultural agenda in Lisbon is finally starting to recover its pre-pandemic rhythm. It is true that nothing is the same, nothing else will be the same, but while we can embrace a controlled normality we must do it – for the sake of our sanity and in the name of culture and artists. Until the end of the year there are a series of exhibitions that deserve our close look, many of which have been postponed in the calendar and pushed into the autumnal agenda of museums. Take note of these exhibitions in Lisbon that are worth seeing.

2. Have a delicious hot chocolate

Creamy, more liquid but intense, with or without whipped cream on top, hot and sweet. If what really warms your soul (and your hands) is the chocolate in a liquid version, this is the right time to run all the little chapels in search of a cup of steaming chocolate and catch up with the sweet tooth. Here we give you a list of places to drink hot chocolate in Lisbon with a degree of cocoa more or less high, with rum and even orange liqueur. More or less sweet, these mugs are a surefire shot to cure all ills. If you prefer a chocolate or tablet version, you can find out here the best chocolate shops in Lisbon.

3. Exchange the sand for the gardens

No more beach. And if even the washing of the baskets is vintage, until it starts raining it is garden time. Even with a few degrees less on the thermometer. Discover the best parks and gardens to play with the kids, read a book or have a picnic. Anything but staying at home is worth it, but always with all the care that you must have in this new world.

4. Eat a delicious brunch

Snuggling up to your stomach is half done to ward off that fresh one that threatens to come to stay. And although they make the late afternoon more appetising throughout the year, the cheese and sausage boards are a good excuse for not giving up the day earlier in these months. They come loaded with cheese and charcuterie, but they also bring sea or vegan snacks. It is the customer’s choice.

5. Enjoy those warm terraces

The temperature goes down, but that does not mean being locked up. We are good esplanadores and it is not autumn that will make us get out of the chair at dusk. On the contrary. Don’t let dark evenings make you go home right away and enjoy happy hours and terraces with heaters and blankets. From the already classic to the most recent news, these are the best terraces for autumn in Lisbon.

6. Watch the falling leaves

If there is a natural phenomenon that does not fail by this time, it is the fall of the leaves. It’s part of it. And the ground covered with brownish foliage is the biggest indicator that summer is over and autumn is busy on the calendar. For the melancholic who live the mid-season to the fullest and like to appreciate the decadence of nature at this time of the year, there are special places to watch the leaves fall. Discover them.

7. Watch a theater play

The artistic class has not stopped finding new ways to express itself and show work throughout this pandemic. And now that the theaters are working again, there are more and more plays to see in Lisbon. Some have been on the scene for so little time that, as a matter of fact, it is necessary to run and see, but there are others that come from behind and forward continue. In any case, there are pieces for all tastes and wallets, of different genres, born at different times and with different intentions. So, there’s no excuse: go to the theater and take the chance to escape from the cold, gray days.

Source: Timeout

Copy: Francisca Dias Real

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