8 Nov

What is the best Portuguese stew in the city of Lisbon ?

Autumn was late, but there he is. So, from now on, a Portuguese stew lunch is no longer a strange decision. Since September, even with the heat and where the days could still be spent on the beach, several restaurants in Lisbon have available on the menu the typical national dish. Meats, cabbages and sausages, all smoking. If you are a fan of stew, you will like to know what are the spaces that serve you in a buffet.


Restaurante Real, São Sebastião

At the restaurant of the Hotel Real Parque, in Lisbon, there is a different stew every day. On the fourth they are snacks, on the fifth they are codfish suggestions, on the sixth they are rice. Tuesdays are the days of stew. It costs 12 € to eat as many times as you want. The platters of meats, sausages and cabbages are smoking until 3 pm. Every day, at dinners, the buffet continues, now only with typical Portuguese dishes.        

Stew hours: Tuesday at lunch


Aura, Terreiro do Paço

In this restaurant in Lisbon you will probably have to eat the stew full of tourists around – it is in Terreiro do Paço. The stew buffet is served on Sundays from 12:30pm. Until 3 pm there are sausages, vegetables and cabbages to eat until you can’t get any more. The buffet costs € 19.90 and does not include desserts or drinks.

Stew hours: Sundays at lunch


O Padeiro, Avenidas Novas

After a brunch with everything you are entitled to and a bargain price (10 €), the restaurant O Padeiro started this October with a new buffet: Portuguese style stew. Every Friday, from 12 pm, the self-service showcase is filled with meats, cabbages and vegetables to compose the dish as many times as you want. It costs € 8.50 and even entitles you to a glass of wine.

Stew hours: Friday at lunch


UQ, Campolide

A cooked buffet was already good, but the lunches at Skyna Hotek Lisboa’s restaurant are not limited to meat dishes, cabbages and sausages. The Thursday buffet also includes a selection of salads, soups and at the end desserts. All this for 12 €. The price also entitles you to a glass of drink of your choice – soda, water, wine or beer.

Stew hours: Thursday at lunch


Rosa da Rua, Bairro Alto

Almost every day there is a buffet at Rosa da Rua. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for lunch and dinner you can eat anything you want in the Bairro Alto restaurant. We just don’t mention Wednesday, for a reason. It’s Portuguese stew day. Lunch costs € 14 and dinner costs € 14.50. Only includes the buffet. Drinks and desserts are separate.

Stew hours: Wednesday at lunch and dinner


Faz Figura, Santa Apolónia

It is one of the most awaited buffets in Lisbon. Steaming stews and a view over the Tagus, is all you want on the coldest days of this autumn and winter. The buffet is served every Saturday from 12:30pm and costs € 20 per person. Until 3h30pm you can serve yourself as many times as you want.

Stew hours: Saturday at lunch


dUk, Avenida da Liberdade

The restaurant at the Turim Avenida da Liberdade Hotel has had the stew buffet again every Wednesday since the beginning of October. The price is the same as always: 15 €. It includes filling the plate as many times as you like with cabbages, sausages and meats, a drink and at the end, if there is space, you can still fill it up with desserts.

Stew hours: Wednesday at lunch

O Nobre, Campo Pequeno

Since September 1st, every Sunday is a cooked day at O Nobre. Chef Justa’s restaurant is filled with people and platters of sausages, cabbages and vegetables. You can repeat as many times as you like. It costs € 23.80 per person and it is certain that here there is a Trás-os-Montes influence. This summer the restaurant had another all you can eat dedicated to cod.

Stew hours: Sundays at lunch


Source: Nit

Copy: Adriano Guerreiro

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